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For those needing managed long-term care due to chronic illness and/ or disability, iCircle Care provides a range of coordinated health and social services.
Enrolling in iCircle Care will not reduce the benefits you receive through Medicare and/or private insurance. Also, if you enroll in iCircle Care, you WILL be able to keep your current primary care physician.
As a member of iCircle Care, you will be entitled to access the following services*:

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) 

DME includes medical/surgical supplies, prosthetics, orthotics and orthopedic footwear, enteral and parenteral formula, and hearing aid batteries. Usually they’re not fitted, designed or fashioned for a particular individual.

Medical Supplies 

Medical/Surgical supplies are items for medical use other than drugs, prosthetic, or orthotic appliances and devices, durable medical equipment or orthopedic footwear which treat a specific medical condition and which are usually consumable, non-reusable, disposable, for a specific purpose and generally have no salvageable value.

Non-emergent Transportation 

Provides for transportation and an attendant, if necessary, essential to obtain necessary medical care and services.


Orthotic appliances and devices are appliances and devices used to support a weak or deformed body member or to restrict or eliminate motion in a diseased or injured part of the body.


Prosthetic appliances and devices are appliances and devices, which replace any mission part of the body.

* Benefits are subject to the NYS DOH contract in force at the time of service and based on medical necessity