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For those needing managed long-term care due to chronic illness and/ or disability, iCircle Care provides a range of coordinated health and social services.
Enrolling in iCircle Care will not reduce the benefits you receive through Medicare and/or private insurance. Also, if you enroll in iCircle Care, you WILL be able to keep your current primary care physician.
As a member of iCircle Care, you will be entitled to access the following services*:

Audiology/Hearing Aides 

Audiology services include hearing examination or testing, hearing aid evaluation, conformity evaluation and hearing aid prescription or recommendations if indicated. Products include hearing aids, earmolds, batteries, special fittings and replacement parts.


Dentistry includes preventive, prophylactic and other dental care, services and supplies, routine exams, preventive care, oral surgery, and dental prosthetic and orthotic appliances.


The assessment of nutritional needs, or the planning for the provision of appropirate foods and drink, or the provision of nutrition education and counseling.


The services of an optometrist and an ophthalmic dispenser. Includes eyeglasses; medically necessary contact lenses and polycarbonate lenses, artificial eyes (stock or custom made) and low-vision aids.

Physical, Occupational, Speech & Other Therapies (provided in a non-home setting) 

Services are provided by a licensed and registered physical therapist or speech-language pathologist for the purpose of maximum reduction of physical or mental disability and restoration of the enrollee to his or her best functional level.


Services by a podiatrist include routine foot care if a physical condition poses a hazard due to the presence of localized illness, injury or symptoms involving the foot, or when they are performed as necessary and integral part of medical care such as the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, ulcers, and infections.

Respiratory Therapy 

The performance of preventive, maintenance and rehabilitative airway-related procedures, including the application of medical gases, humidity, and aerosols, intermittent positive pressure, continuous artificial ventilation, and administration of drugs through inhalation.

* Benefits are subject to the NYS DOH contract in force at the time of service and based on medical necessity