During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, iCircle Care Managers are accessible, as always, to answer questions and meet your needs during this uncertain time. Feel free to contact them during business hours or call iCircle’s Member Assistance Line at 1-844-MY-iCARE (694-2273). For additional information, visit the CDC’s website here.

A collaboration among leading NYS providers, iCircle provides coordinated health and social services that empower iCircle members to stay healthy and safe, and live a comfortable, satisfying life.

As a local, community-based organization we understand the special health needs of the area. iCircle was founded by local providers, and it is driven by its members and providers. These are the people we answer to. Not a large and distant corporation.

As a non-profit, iCircle’s first priority is to fulfill its mission of serving and enriching the lives of our members. As part of that mission, we promise to treat all members with respect and compassion. Always.



Please review the eligibility requirements and enrollment steps before you start.
First, we need to know what kind of services you think you’ll need. Please select one of the following:

For those needing managed long-term care due to chronic illness and/or disability, supporting them to safely reside in their home or community.

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Call: 1-844-iCircle (424-7253) TTY: 711
Email: info@icirclecarecny.org

Everywhere You Are

iCircle’s roster of leading, locally based providers covers 30 counties across Central New York. This community-based approach assures proximity to our members and access to services that’s convenient and efficient.


Call 1-844-iCircle (424-7253) or email info@icirclecny.org to register for events.

* Please select a Service Category when searching for providers