Working together to enrich, support, and empower our members and their families, in their homes and communities.


iCircle is a licensed non-profit Managed Care Organization offering a health plan to individuals enrolled in Medicaid in 30 counties throughout the Western, Central, and Southern Tier regions of New York. Managed Care is a health insurance plan or healthcare system that coordinates the provision and ensures the quality of care and services for its members through a network of contracted, collaborative providers.

Through our managed care plan, iCircle assures its members access to personalized, life-enriching hometown care for their healthcare and social support needs.


Shared Values

Individual Choice

Our members have the right to their own individualized care plan designed for their personal-best quality of life and independence.

Inclusion and Diversity

Our members and their care and support teams are always welcomed, respected, and supported. All members, regardless of language, ability, background, and need, have access to fair treatment and opportunity in the least restrictive way and in their community of choice.

Empowerment and Respect

We honor and attend to our members and their individual choices by supporting their personal approach to self-expression and self-determination.

Cultural Competence

We serve our members across their varied cultures and communities, effectively and compassionately through our actions. attitudes, and words.

Learning and Innovation

We connect and partner with our members so we can learn from each other and work together to continuously improve their health and well-being and the ongoing benefits and services we provide.


We are present, in collaboration with a network of trusted providers, in the communities we serve, offering access to integrated services and supports that are locally-based in the communities where our members live.


We manage our members’ collective resources responsibly by working to maximize quality, optimize benefits based on need, and eliminate barriers in their own communities and across support systems.

Our Vision

The benefits and services we provide enrich the lives of our members, who along with their caregivers, are highly engaged with us to effectively plan and arrange for their ongoing individual health and social needs.

Our Team

Meet Our Senior Leadership

  • Sankar Sewnauth, MPA
    Sankar Sewnauth, MPA CEO
  • Sharon Marble
    Sharon Marble Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Joel Haas
    Dr. Joel Haas Chief Medical Officer
  • Richard Ferrari
    Richard Ferrari Corporate Chief Financial Officer

Meet Our Board of Directors

  • Mark Peterson
    Mark Peterson Chair
  • Tim Thaney
    Tim Thaney Vice Chair

    DeJoy, Knauf, & Blood LLP

  • Rich Yarmel
    Rich Yarmel Secretary

    Harter, Secrest, & Emery LLP

  • Warren Hern
    Warren Hern Treasurer

    East Bay Ventures

  • Pierre Girgis
    Pierre Girgis

    University of Rochester

  • Edward Myers Hayes
    Edward Myers Hayes

    Cayuga Centers

  • Jennifer Carlson
    Jennifer Carlson


  • Rene Snyder
    Rene Snyder

    AIM Independent Living Center

  • Sy Zielinski
    Sy Zielinski
  • Daryl Tiffin
    Daryl Tiffin

    BCM One

  • Dr. Andy Lopez-Williams
    Dr. Andy Lopez-Williams
  • Mark Peterson
    Mark Peterson Chair

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